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arabic_letters.txt1KB28Alex LoomisIsolated forms of Arabic letters.Public domain
BIO.txt99KB607Elias RolonPreguntas de Biologia sobre Transporte celular transmembranaLibre
Capitals of countries and U.S. state capitals.txt9KB246Alek HiperlinkowiczCapitals of countries and U.S. state capitals.Use it, modify it, share it, repost it, even sell it.
Chemical elements and their symbols.txt3KB103Alek HiperlinkowiczChemical elements and their symbols in English.Use it, modify it, share it, repost it, even sell it.
ColloquialBusinessEnglish.zip7KB290Banaban.netColloquial Business English.Pass onto others freely if for free. Cannot be made available for download anywhere else without permission.
eng-swa.zip1184KB31373Yale UniversityEnglish to Swahili vocabularyRefer to author
English_irregular_verbs.txt12KB300English Irregular VerbsPublic domain.
exportHoles.txt58KB600+Peter AndersenHoles essentiels of human anatomy (Dutch)
greek.txt654KB7791Dr Marek MinakowskiClassical (Attic) Greek. Converted from SM by Michael Mounteney.
GNU GPL. The original SM database was sold commercially by Dr Minakowski but he has now kindly made it freely available.
Hanyu Pinyin.txt287KB10308Alek HiperlinkowiczHanyu Pinyin - romanization system for Standard Mandarin: chinese character to latin transcription.
Transkrypcja fonetyczna pinyin języka mandaryńskiego (putonghua) – urzędowego języka Chin – na alfabet łaciński.
Japanese Examples 1.txt747KB8000tomhogersA subset of the Tanaka Corpus. Please see:
About 8000 Japanese/English sentence pairs.
Public domain. Please see:
kanji.txt206KB1945Tamaoka, Kirsner, Yanase, Miyaoka and Kawakami, Boris Boege and Michael MounteneyThe basic Kanji list produced by the Japanese Ministry of
Education. A full Unicode character set is required to view it, such
as Arial Unicode MS supplied with MS Office. Boris (http://
www.wulin.de) converted the original spreadsheet to SuperMemo format,
and Michael converted the SuperMemo database to FullRecall.
Pass onto others freely if for free. Cannot be made available for download anywhere else without permission.
Koine NT.txt55KB989Benjamin IsaacsonKoine Greek: 989 most frequently occuring words in the Greek NT with full diacritics in unicode.Use it, share it, repost it, but don't sell it.
latin.txt522KB6422Mark Allen, Michael MounteneyPassive Latin vocabulary. Some is a bit dodgy but better than nothing. Origin is Mark Allen's free SuperMemo database; conversion to FullRecall by Michael Mounteney.Distribute freely.
Morse_Code.txt919B40Wojtek DudysMorse Codefree
RemKanji1.txt108KB2049tomhogersJames W. Heisig's Remembering the Kanji Vol. 1 - Keyword to Kanji.Distribute Freely.
RemKanji2.txt124KB2049tomhogersJames W. Heisig's Remembering the Kanji Vol. 2 - Kanji to ReadingDistribute Freely
roots.txt5KB160Tom - Banaban.netPrefixes and suffixes in English. Shall greatly extend your vocabulary and understanding of not yet known words. Not sure if complete, long time since developed.Can't be exposed for download anywhere else on the internet, though pass it on to others freely, if for free.
swa-eng.zip1094KB22328Yale UniversitySwahili to English vocabularyRefer to author
Swahili_proverbs.txt34KB159Alek MenedżerowiczSwahili proverbs with English translation.http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/
Upper Extremity.txt8KB

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