FullRecall for PalmOS


This is a basic FullRecall version for PalmOS, there is just support for items in main database (i.e. no queue), adding items and going though scheduled reviews. Training of ANN is supported. There is no support for categories and images at this time, but information about categories (from PC database) is kept. Due to limitations of Palm platform, there is no support for Unicode.

Extra Fonts & FontBucket

Question/answer areas can have different fonts (can be set in "Options" -> "Q/A Font...").
If you install FontBucket (a free third-party application to manage fonts) on your Palm, FullRecall in "Options" -> "Q/A Font..." will offer you to choose among all installed FontBucket's fonts, and you can install/uninstall many different fonts to FontBucket (some of them are fully Palm OS 5 hi-res compatible, i.e. looks nice on hi-res).

FontBucket is not required for FullRecall to run, but (if installed on a device) allows FullRecall to use many different fonts than just these offered by PalmOS.
It may be that FontBucket is already installed on your device, as some other applications make use of FontBucket.
FontBucket takes about 110kB of memory; some installed fonts could take much memory, so (if you use FontBucket and are concerned about memory) you may want to delete in FontBucket fonts that you don't use.

Minimum requirements for "FullRecall for PalmOS"

PalmOS 4.0 and up (PalmOS 5.x devices, with ARM/XScale CPUs, are supported).

Things that needs testing in current beta:


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