FullRecall License
Copyright © 2003-2021 David Calinski. All rights reserved.
Portions of the code: Copyright © 1996 Karsten Kutza.

Permission is hereby granted to any person obtaining a copy of this software to:
1. publish and distribute this software as long as all the files are distributed in their entirety;
2. use this software with limitation of unregistered version
(every database limited in size to 500 items) without any fees;
3. use this software without the aforementioned limitation after paying applicable registration fee
to the Cerbosoft company as described on this web page: http://fullrecall.com/buy

Modifying, decompiling, reverse engineering, disassembling of this software is NOT allowed.

Details about registration fee and unlocking limitation
of free version can be found on the website: http://fullrecall.com

This software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied.
In no event shall the author or copyright holders be liable for any claim, damages or other liability,
arising out of or in connection with this software or the use or other dealings in this software.

You don't have to accept this license if you don't want to,
but nothing else gives you the right to use or distribute this software.
If you don't agree to the terms of this license,
promptly remove the software from your computer and do not use the software in any way.

I hereby grant permission to bundle unmodified, official (i.e., downloaded from fullrecall.com website) FullRecall binaries (e.g., fullrecall-linux.bin) into packages that are created in order to ease installing FullRecall to specific Linux distributions – as long as such bundles doesn't mislead end-users about program's abilities, its license and cost of license to unlimited version.
I also grant permission to host such packages on third-party websites, CDs/DVDs and other media.

©2003-2023 DC.